GOLDblivion & Goblivion Storm
Retailers Pledge Terms

This sheet contains the terms for our retailer pledge level.
You agree to the terms by pledging at this level in the Kickstarter.
If you have any questions, please email us directly at

Eligibility: This pledge level is only open to brick-and-mortar retailers outside of Quebec (out of respect to our distributor Randolph). You must have a physical location where you sell goods. It is okay if you also sell goods online, but you may not be a primarily online retailer. If you are unsure of your eligibility, you can email us with your information, a link to your website and a photo of your storefront.

Pledging in the Kickstarter: To participate in the program, you must select the retailer pledge. You
will need to pledge $50. Those funds will be credited against your final order later.

Finalizing Your Order: You do not need to determine your order during the campaign. We are using BackerKit for our post-campaign pledge manager. We will be offering late pledges through BackerKit

Pricing: We are charging around 60% of MSRP for all items. Minimum 6 copies. The
retailer pricing is as follows:

GOLDblivion – 30$ cad/copy (21Euros) (22USD)

Goblivion : Storm Edition – 30$ cad/copy (21Euros) (22USD)


Europe/Us/Canada, add 20$ cad to your pledge. (≈14Euros) (≈15USD)

Rest of the World, add 40$ cad to your pledge. (≈28Euros) (≈29USD)

All products will be shipping from our localfulfillment partners from within their respective territories, so there will be no additional VAT or customs due.

Breach of rules: If you fail to adhere to the terms of the retailer pledge, including pledging as a retailer when you are not eligible, we will cancel any order you place and will retain the pledged funds as
compensation for the additional work required.