Take over the land of the Dinosaurs!

Dinoblivion is a strategy game combining Tableau and Deck Building Elements set in a Universe where Humanity coexist with Dinosaurs.

You control a primitive Clan and you will be hunting, expanding your clan, managing your resources, building mighty Totems and fighting Dinosaurs!

Develop a long-term strategy and find the best combinations between cards to dominate the other clan.

 Conquer the land of Dinoblivion!

(Available July 2020)

A Robust Tower Defense Deck Building Game!

Goblivion is a solo or cooperative card game based on a castle siege. Players team up to repel the attack of goblins and trolls. Your survival depends on your peasants training for combat. According to the cards that will be dealt to you, you will have to make heartbreaking choices and implement a long-term strategy or else, the Bosses will eat you raw!