Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How to successfully defend my castle in Goblivion?

A-Follow these three tips carefully:

Q- How many sleeves should I buy to protect my cards?

A- There are 108 cards and the dimensions are 63 × 88 mm (2.5 x 3.5 inches).

Q- What are the Win-Lose conditions?

A- If you eliminate all enemies as well as each Boss, you win. If your resources fall to zero, the enemy pierces your defense and you lose.

Q- Do you count the Force of activated cards (cards turned at 90 °)?

A- Yes.

Q- Can you destroyed or sent to the hospital a card already activated?

A- Yes.

Q- Can I send an activated card as a Bodyguard?

A- No

Q- How many “Priest” cards are in the game?

A- 2

Q- Can we train several peasants in one phase?

A- No

Q- Do we have to pay for training?

A- No, you can chose to skip paying, but you won’t get the card.

Q- When you draw in the “Training” phase and the Castle is exhausted of cards, you push the Enemies and there is a fight?

A- We push the enemies and leave them unrevealed at the castle gates. Enemies are revealed and fought only during the Combat Phase.

Q- Can we pay for resources to eliminate enemies in combat?

A- No, you must have sufficient Force with your cards to be able to eliminate an enemy.