A Solo/Co-op Tower-Defense Deck Builder.

Train Your Army.

Protect Your Castle.

Will you survive the Goblin and Troll Invasion?

New edition

Goblivion Definitive Edition is the reissue of the 2018 hit game Goblivion! It’s our ultimate version of this robust card game with new mechanics, simplified iconography, fewer exceptions, more choices, and every visual of the game revamped.

What's new?

5 new bosses to defeat, 2 new kings to play, 11 new types of peasants, 4 new enemies and their rewards. A new way to play with a non-static market, a cooperative board and a campaign mode with its tokens!


In Goblivion, you take on the role of a King or Queen grappling with a Kingdom invaded by loathsome Goblins and Trolls. You will start the game with your Kingdom: simple peasants  who are represented by cards. YOU will have to decide how to train them in combat in order to increase your chances of defending the castle. The game is about planning, strategy and tactical combat. It implies tough decisions, painful sacrifices and a dose of luck!

Easy to play

Three phases repeated throughout the game.


Train your peasants for combat…

… or build powerful military machines!


Use strategy to fight the enemies

Defeat your enemies and gain increasing rewards!

Under Pressure

Sometimes, the enemy reaches the castle gates faster than you’d wish.

Don’t let them accumulate too much!

Tactical Choices

Use powerful actions wisely.

Hamper the enemies’ plans!


Master each situation by swapping your Bodyguard with a card into play, anytime.


More than 108 cards including 55 different cards and 22

double-cards! Change your strategy, combine different roles, face new bosses!

Save the Goblivion kingdom!